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ANY DAY PARADE - Jersey City Rock With A Country Twang

By Deborah J. Draisin

Any Day Parade is Tree, Larry J. Brinkman and Joe "J.D." Daly on guitar and vocals, Chuck Daly on bass, and Chuck Richards on drums. Although some of the band members hail from as far away as Kentucky and Kansas, the band is nonetheless a Jersey City product. This will be their third interview and they already ooze confidence. Even if you're not normally a country music fan, once you've caught a live performance by these guys, you can't help but get hooked on their light and energy. In fact, you may all need to go to treatment together.

Q: So you've stated that Court Tavern is the band's favorite spot to play; what is it about that venue that makes it feel so much like home even to the out-of-towners in this band?

J.D.: Well, there are a few towns in Jersey where the people - young and old - still have a desire to see good live music. New Brunswick is definitely one of those towns. Whether it be college kids or just the local music community, clubs or basement shows, there are people who are there for the music first, the booze second. Ha! Well, sort of. As for tonight, there are a handful of friends, but most of these people are of no acquaintance; which is better for us - new listeners!

Q: How'd you all get around to settling in a "fort" in New Jersey?

J.D.: It's really just where all of us randomly ended up. We all came from different parts of the country without knowing each other and ended up in the same place.

Q: So we have brothers in this band - seems to be the modus operandi these days. Are you the Daly's the ones from the south? How are your parents taking a nice chunk of their crop being so far away from them?

J.D.: Yes; we, the Daly Bros (J.D. and Chuck,) spent many of our earlier years in South Florida - the core of the family moved up to New Jersey some years ago. I don't think they are surprised about us both being musicians; we've always been tight over the years and shared common interests for as long as I can remember.

Q: The classic country sound that you cultivate is an unusual direction for a modern band - and you really make it work! Are you finding yourselves having to defend your choice of genre or are you being received well by your peers?

J.D.: I wouldn't say defend; since we all have eclectic musical backgrounds - ranging from playing in punk bands to jazz groups to power pop to thrash metal bands - some might find it strange, but I think people appreciate, simply, a good song. Country has influenced almost every genre of music in some way. For us, it's just natural at this point in our lives to focus on that - it brings us back to our core.

Q: So the EP is ready and, I assume, in the mail to me as we speak - I loved the first one! What were you looking to capture this go-round; what new experiences have you incorporated into this latest crop of songs?

Tree: This new EP is definitely more a representation of Any Day Parade than the first one was - it's a sound that has evolved and become ours collectively. The first EP was more bare bone and unfortunately kind of rushed (dang day jobs!) We didn't get to record as many layers as we would have liked, especially when it came to the vocals. This new EP, if nothing else, shows how we have grown vocally and that we're taking more chances with lead vocals and harmonies. As for the songs, they are still about drinking and sleeping where we shouldn't be sleeping.

Q: Have we got any relationships within this band? It's not unheard of, but what happens when he forgets to pick up his socks and sets her off - does the band have to rehearse in separate rooms on those days?

J.D.: Oh no! We don't shit where we eat.

Q: First song you can remember performing in front of your mirror as a kid?

Tree: Actually, I was more of a shiny hubcap of a car kinda little girl; ask my folks - that's the first story they'll tell about me. Actually, it was either Dolly Parton or Elvis songs I would belt out, eyes closed.

J.D.: Either Guns N' Roses or Suicidal Tendencies... who knows!

Q: So having come out of the studio fairly recently, what band roles did you uncover? Like, who's the prima donna, who's the boss, etc.?

J.D.: Just who prefers which substance to abuse. No roles, really; we are all pretty hands-on and responsible regarding the music at least.

Q: If you were putting together a press kit for yourselves, what would you have on there that would be eye-catching to a potential fan of the band?

Tree: Our practice space is covered in vintage porn; it's extremely eye-catching. We should go that route with our press kits!


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