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The kids are all right. The grownups are gonzo.
And everybody had one heck of a time...

The Brooklyn What? got to book a Thursday night at Maxwell's. This almost always turns out to be a great idea, since you get bills that actually mesh not just musically but socially as well - and audiences to match. So don't think of this Saturday night as a show, but as a big party with too much beer, crazy dancing, a little vomit, a lot of moshing, and sweaty, shirtless dudes all over the place. For the record, the bands were Highway Gimpos, Groucho Marxists, The Brooklyn What?, and Wyldlife. Off the record, what we got was a night of raucous raunchy gutbucket rock 'n' roll where every band raised the bar (and average blood alcohol level in the room) a little higher.




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