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Hoboken's Stuyvesant rocks the Lower East Side

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James Damion

STUYVESANT - The Mercury Lounge, NYC – Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It had been ten or more years since I last caught a band at The Mercury Lounge. Funny, considering how many times I've been in the immediate vicinity of the club. As I entered the bar, I almost immediately ran into Brian, Ralph, and Sean of Stuyvesant. The mood was good as I joined them for a drink and pleasantries. Upon entering the back room, memories of long-ago visits returned as Stuyvesant started taking the stage to load their gear. The place quickly filled with friends and familiar faces. The usual good vibe a Stuyvesant show brings was present but I couldn't help but think there should have been a bigger presence. Being able to wander freely in front of the stage is not something I enjoy as much as squeezing through a crowd hanging on every note

I pressed against the stage. So much for Tuesday nights. The band blazed through a set of mostly new tracks from their highly anticipated release on Dromedary Records. I've had the opportunity to catch a number of Stuyvesant shows over the past year and love what they bring. They mix melody and harmony well while giving it enough kick and rock edge to never keep your feet or ears from feeling undernourished.

Ralph, Brian, Sean and Pete compliment each other’s style and personalities. While Ralph and Brian provide energy and at times humor, Sean seams to be the calming, steady force. As for drummer Pete, you just can't help but love the guy. He seems to have become the perfect fit. In a sense he feels like the glue, keeping the beat and bringing all the band’s great elements together.

Stuyvesant prove once again that sometimes nice guys don't finish last.


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