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Longtime NJ scene photographer and music blogger James Damion may have relocated to Seattle, but he still keeps a keen eye on indie, punk, and whatever else comes his way in this column.

James Damion's Best Of 2019

Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock
J. Robbins – Un-becoming
Sebadoh – Act Surprised
The Go-To-Beds – Debt Begins at 30’
Cinema Cinema – CCXMD
Foxhall Stacks – The Coming Collapse
The Anderson Council – Worlds Collide
Mudhoney – Morning in America
The Muffs – No Holiday
Los Pepes – Negative Positive


Garden Variety – The Complete Discography 1991-1996
Christie Front Drive – Giving Birth to Thunder
Shellac – End of Radio
John Coltrane – Blue World


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