Omnivore, the label that's given us first-class reissues of nearly-lost albums from Game Theory, Alex Chilton, Jellyfish, and dozens of others, steps up its game with the release of Peter Holsapple's first new studio album in 21 years, Game Day.

Holsapple hasn't lost his ear for melody and his soulful yowl has aged like a fine wine; what's new here comes from Peter's ability to look back over a long and well-lived life and reflect on his successes, failures, joys, and disappointments. This is a standout collection of adult songwriting from one of the pioneers of power-pop.

Read Joe Merklee's review here...

Jersey Beat's newest correspondent Kyle Andrew Smith talks about a recent show at Jersey City's weekly outdoor concert series Groove On Groove that featured an array of local talent. Check out his report here...

The Weehawken based team of Jack Skuller and Luigi Sardi (plus the drummer guy) have been racking up acclamations and quality gigs while moving towards the release of their debut album "Meet The Skullers." Today you can hear their new single "I'm Your Man," a cover from one of NYC punk's major innovators, Richard Hell.

As most of our readers know, Jersey Beat has competed at BYO's Punk Rock Bowling tournament and punk festival for quite a while now, so this year we're presenting a report from someone new to the whole thing. With our new friend Rex Stickler relating his experiences, this Jersey Beat PRB report bears a striking resemblance to another account of a wild Vegas weekend by a certain Dr. Thompson. So, complete with bowling, punks, alcohol, drugs, bands, crazed Uber drivers, and a joie de vivre that's hard to miss, here's Rex's account of Beer & Bowling in Las Vegas...

We dragged our old metal columnist Eric Walls out of retirement to review the comeback covers album of Burn The Priest, who of course became metal gods under the name Lamb Of God. Eric (and editor Jim Testa) were there when Burn The Priest played a blistering, sweaty set at the Wilmington Exchange Festival back in 1998, and Eric remembers that night as well as reviewing this new release. Read his review here...


If you were a fan of Garden Variety - or Retisonic, or Blue Tip, or the Hasbros, or Red Hare - you know drummer Joe Gorelick, one of the most underrated and overlooked stickmen in the punk rock underground. James Damion caught up with Joe for an extensive interview about his career, his passions, and where he's going next. Read James' interview here...

Reviews by Joe Wawrzyniak

Joe W. reviews new releases from Brother Dege, Chandler Travis Three-O, Byron Isaacs, Pale Blue Dot, and The Innocence Mission.

Read his reviews here...

Jersey Beat's newest staffer Jesse Gillett offers his opinions on the new releases from two of Brooklyn's best and brightest, post-punk art-rockers Big Ups and singer/songwriter Eleanor Friedberger. He also reviews records by Digital Criminals and the Chris Gethard Show's house band, The LLC.

Read Jesse's reviews here...

Paul Silver's got your Spring punk playlist ready to go with reviews of new releases from Denim & Leather, Era Bleak, Gloom Sleeper, ISS, the Jack Cades, Lucy & The Rats, Sex Tourists, Teach Me Equals, Wax Idols, and the Whiffs. He also reviewed the latest from the Brokedowns, Italy's Calembour, Red Scare's Elway, and Four Lights. Stick around and check out Paul's reviews of The Common Cold, the Creeps, Mojave Nomads, and Pinned In Place. And check out his reviews of Archie & The Bunkers, Buckley, Dusk, Fashionism, Freak Genes, The Fur Coats, God's Children, Giuda, La Armada and Pandemix.

Read Paul's column here...

The Front Bottoms' new "Ann" EP (which mostly features old songs that have falled out of their set list) tops editor Jim Testa' reviews. He also checks out new releases from some old favorites like John Prine, Wreckless Eric, Chris Butler, Hoboken legend Gene D. Plumber, and Jeffrey Lewis, and checks out the latest from Brooklyn's Madam West, Jersey City's Sailor Boyfriend, and Guy Capelcelatro III. Read Jim Testa's reviews here...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club comes to Jersey City's White Eagle Hall on Friday, May 11. Our Deb Draisin caught up with guitarist Peter Hayes to ask the band's health and career struggles and how their latest album and tour have the 10-year old group back on the right track. Read Deb's interview here...

NJ's Static Radio is back and James welcomes their return. He also reviews his Record Store Day find, a live Wipers LP, as well as Sniffling Indie Kids' new signing Haunt Club, James goes back to the future to record newly released demos from punk and hardcore legends Mission of Burma and the Adolescents, a new solo release from Shudder To Think frontman Craig Wedren, then takes on modern hardcore act Decline.

Read James' column here...

Tory Anne Daines's brave search for self and fulfillment: Read James Damion's interview here.

Jersey Beat is very proud to be bringing you the Rock N Roll Hi-Fives' tour diary as Jersey City's favorite family band - dad Joe, mom Gloree, son Evren, and daughter Eilee - tour Japan! Eilee and Evren will be checking in whenever they can with stories and photos of their adventures. (Poor kids, they go to Japan and they still have homework!) We've added the final two chapters, Part 4 and Part 5, which winds up the trip and the group's last show in Japan. Read it here...

Mark Hughson reviews Resettlement, the latest from freeswinging electronic band Red Black Red.

Read his column here...

This year's Asbury Music Awards had been postponed from last November to April, 2018, and yet very little was done to promote the event, not even emailing invites to the nominees, ballots to the voters, or a press release to New Jersey media. Editor Jim Testa wondered what the consequences of that inaction have been; the answer isn't pretty. Read his editorial here...

Rich reviews new albums by Animal Flag, Digital Criminals, and Parlor Walls, and some punk rock singles and 7-inch EP's by Punkemon, Radiation Risks, the Bunny Gang, and a split 7-inch from Sharkfist/Brown Plaid and

Read Rich's column here....

For a while there, it looked like the annual SXSW music festival in Austin had lost its
soul to corporate branding and superstar headliners, but this year's iteration turned
out to be a pleasant throwback to the days when it functioned primarily as a show-
case for young or little-known bands struggling to reach a wider audience. Read
Jim Testa's story here...

Our good friend Oliver Ignatius of Holy Fang Studios (formerly Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen) is back with a new single, a mind-bending funk exploration called "Citys A Hell." Check it out!


Jersey Beat favorite Adam Bird (formerly of Those Mockingbirds and Perfuma) has
rebranded himself as aBIRD and offers this beguiling video (shot by another
longtime scene stalwart, Rob Fitzgerald) showcasing his new sound. The track
combines an Eighties retro-vibe with a modern edgy sound, and is well worth
checking out.

Editor Jim Testa picks ten songs from 2017 that summed up the best of the
2017, including tracks from old favorites like the Feelies, Ted Leo, Wyldlife,
the Front Bottoms, Peter Stampfel, and Antietam, and new bands like Rips
and Downtown Boys.

See Jersey Beat's Top 10 Songs of the Year here...


Our editors and writers have been busy going through all the music they've heard in 2017 and picking their favorites.

Jim Testa

Paul Silver

Joe Merklee

Rich Quinlan

James Damion

Damfino blends catchy pop with heartbreaking lyrics and adult insight. Recorded at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen, One False Move And I'm Yours will be released on September 22. The first single and video from the album, "Visit To A Women's Planet, mixes a delightful childlike animation with Joe Merklee's plaintive vocals." Catch Damfino at Issyra Gallery in Hoboken on Monday, Sept. 25.

The Band: Damfino
The Album:
One False Move And I'm Yours (avail. Sept. 22)
The Video:
"Visit To The Women's Planet"
Director: Wyatt O'Connell


Check out Mr. Flannery & His Feelings' new video

"Embers of Dead Fires" from Rhyme & Reason

The Band: Mr. Flannery & His Feelings
The Album:
Try Your Hardest (Rhyme & Reason)
The Video:
"Embers Of Dead Fires"
Facebook page:

Photo by Paul Silver

Vince Lombardi High School was the nickname of a beloved SoCal DIY space that recently had to close. Paul Silver was at the final show, dubbed the VLHS Graduation. See his report and photos here...

Leslie Snyder reviews new releases from Jenny & The Felines, Jake Tavill, King James & The Special Men, Jupiter In Velvet, Stutter Steps, Bodies Of Water, and Jake & The Growlers.

Read Leslie's reviews here...


The Band: ex-mothers, Brooklyn NY
The Album:
Strange Fortune
The Video:
"Neon Drones"
Tek Ken Siu (
Video Release show: Sunday, June 25 at Cobra Club -
Facebook page:

Jersey Beat celebrated it's 35th anniversary with an amazing show at Maxwell's Tavern on April 14. Jim Testa wrote up a short history of the zine here...

Highlights from Jersey Beat's 35th Anniversary Show at Maxwell's Tavern:

Jamie Frey interviews the legendary Mike Watt, currently promoting the release of Ring Spiel '95, a live album recorded on the Ball Hog?Or Tugboat tour in 1995. Watt talks about how the album came out, the remarkable Ring Spiel touring band (which included Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, and Pat Smear,) and his role in punk rock history. This is Jersey Beat's fifth interview with the irascible, effusive, and totally original Mike Watt, and we can't wait till the next one. Read Jamie's interview here... And read Rich Quinlan's review of Mike Watt's Ring Spiel '95 here...

It's been eight years since the Ergs! disbanded and almost ten since their last full-length album, so Mikey Erg's first solo album Tentative Decisions arrives with with a lot of expectations. Happily, Mikey delivers on all fronts, with a more mature but still passionate rendering of his trademark pop-punk, complete with crunchy sonic guitars and punchy drums, melodic basslines and emphatic vocals delivered in Mikey's trademark nasal yowl. Read Jersey Beat's reviews here...

Jim Testa sits down with the godfather of punk rock to talk about his folkie beginnings, New York City in the Fifties, the joys of collaboration, and much, much more. Read our interview here... is an independently published music fanzine covering punk, alternative, ska, techno and garage music, focusing on New Jersey and the Tri-State area. For the past 30 years, the Jersey Beat music fanzine has been the authority on the latest upcoming bands and a resource for all those interested in rock and roll.












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