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Jersey Beat Top Ten 2019

This is not truly in any particular order, but in order to remain true to societal norms, I will assign numbers. I loved all of these equally.

10. Von Hayes - Moderate Rock
I am always in awe when these two release new work, and this was their best yet.

9. Peter Laughner - S/T box set
I learned so much reviewing this; it was a journey back into punk’s origins. A true genius lost far too soon.

8. Candy Snatchers - Moronic Pleasures
We will sadly never get them back, but I will take all the rarities and lost recordings anyone wants to release.

7. High On Fire - Bat Salad
A Sabbath tribute in the name and riffs heavy enough to earn the right to do so.

6. Eliza Neals and the Narcotics - S/T
Can someone, anyone, tell me why she is not a globally known name? I’ll wait.

5.Prettiest Eyes - Vol. 3
This L.A. outfit was my most pleasant surprise of the year.

4. Strange Lips - “Am I Woke Yet?”
This Brooklyn band is as sarcastic as there are musically furious. They are one to watch with a new record coming out in early 2020.

3. Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas
The only death metal band that should tour with Greta Thunberg, Cattle D returns with their most technically dazzling and musically crushing work to date.

2.. Abolitionist - Ugly Feeling
A shame that this band is calling it quits, but they are going out with a gem.

1. Sharp Violet - “Domino Effect”
The soundtrack of political and social change, this Long Island band gets better with every release, and I hope a full-length graces us soon.

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