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FAIRMONT – Transcendence

By Deborah J. Draisin

Here is a track by track breakdown of Fairmont’s latest release:

*Being & Nothingness – Bouncy, catchy; the song that will get stuck in your head. Based upon the unusual upbringing of a close friend. The first song off the album leaked on the band’s MySpace.

*Nowhere, Mass – Pretty, poppy ballad; the simple 4/4 time will have you tapping your foot and swaying. All about feeling trapped.

Omaha – Dirty little ditty very reminiscent of 60’s “surf rock” tapping into the feeling of being a bit too far from home.

Prick – A rare bout of vulnerability from Mr. Sabatino with a lovely little sampling of different sounds.

*Everyone Hates A Critic – Keyboard-driven jazz pop song to encourage everyone to stay on their path despite what others have to say about it.

Luck Will Change – An almost optimistic bopper!

True Love Waits For Me – Some very good advice contained within this hooky little number.

Awkward Silence – Slightly rockabilly call out with the usual Fairmont flair.

Please Don’t Go – Addictive, engine-driven plea that you’ll find yourself tapping and singing along with by the second chorus.

Melt Your Heart – Fairmont goes for an updated sound featuring backup vocals and an ending duet. The choir-like vocals at the end will have you waving your hands in the air.

Available for a listen on the band’s myspace page:


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