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Barriers, Frank Iero’s third solo go-round, dropped in May, and the rapid-fire band has already released two videos for it, "Young And Doomed" and "Great Party." Iero’s lyrics are always gut-wrenching, and, when he performs live, every drop of the emotion of into each song translates directly from the stage and pours itself visibly into the chests of the crowd, screaming along with every note. It takes a special type of artist to accomplish this type of visceral reactivity in a listener, and Iero has always had that gift. The presence of the uber-talented band in back of him really gives the album that extra punch. Thursday’s Tucker Rule is one hell of a drummer, and his participation alone would be enough, if not for the accompaniment of the multi-talented Kayleigh Goldsworthy, Murder By Death star Matt Armstrong, and the ever-present Evan Nestor providing harmonies and trading guitar leads with Iero.

Jake Szufnarowski’s “Rocks Off” cruises are always a good time. The basement feel of a punk show of yesteryear, along with Jake and his crew dressing up in silly outfits (even on such a hot day) – this time, it was bunnies - and the literal feel of the house a-rockin’, is a pretty cool combo. Iero and the Patience (along with eclectic supporter James DeWees of Reggie and the Full Effect fame), really took things to the next level.

James DeWees

DeWees is always a sight to behold live. In addition to “Reggie”, DeWees takes on other characters during his sets: most commonly Klaus, lead singer of Finnish metal band, Common Denominator, and Fluxuation (a flirty, flamboyant, British techno pop star). He also peppers his sets with jokes, anecdotes (often about his fellow tour companions), and vignettes of other songs. He’s interactive, and just the right combination of dark and cheerful. Crowds always love him, and this crowd, already familiar with DeWees from his other projects with Iero, was no exception.

Iero likes to move his projects along at a breathtaking pace. No sooner has his audience absorbed one EP or LP when he’s already onto the next. “Barriers” feels very much like a continuation of the works which have come before it: an expansion – even an evolution - if you will. The double LP is ambitious, catchy and heartbreaking all in the same measure, but live, it is simply an explosion. Iero is careful to include already established crowd favorites in every set. These include “Stomachaches”’ “Joyriding” and “She’s The Prettiest Girl at the Party, and She Can Prove It With a Solid Right Hook” (a song made all the cooler by being about Iero’s first meeting with his clearly badass wife, Jamia), and “Parachutes”’ “I’ll Let You Down” and “I’m A Mess”.

However, it was the material from Barriers which really brought down the house. An album recorded in part as a poignant response to surviving a collision with a bus, and all of the emotions which follow such a near-death experience, Barriers is, quite possibly, the rawest expression of Iero’s soul which listeners have ever heard. In addition to “Great Party” (about destructive relationships), standouts include the shattering “Basement Eyes” and the hopeful “A New Day’s Coming” (the personal favorite of his children). Fan favorites include the bouncy “Moto Pop” and the first single, “Young and Doomed” (about self-sabotage). The most interesting thing about this album is the change in sound, use of harmonies and expansion in instrumentation (thanks in no small part to the musicianship of his Future Violent counterparts, in particular, Kayleigh.) Because the entire band also worked on the album together, it translates perfectly live.

The interplay between all of the Future Violents is both pleasant to observe and fun to participate in. If they are coming to a town near you, I’d suggest checking them out – you will not be disappointed! Here is the balance of their tour schedule for the summer:

Tue, JUL 23 - Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
Wed, JUL 24 - The Crocodile, Seattle, WA
Fri, JUL 26 - Knitting Factory Boise, Boise, ID
Sat, JUL 27 - Kilby Court, Salt Lake City, UT
Mon, JUL 29 - Marquis Theatre, Denver, CO
Tue, JUL 30 - Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, NM
Thu, AUG 1 - Gas Monkey Bar & Grill, Dallas, TX
Fri, AUG 2 – Barracuda, Austin, TX
Sat, AUG 3 - Paper Tiger, San Antonio, TX
Mon, AUG 5 - 191 Toole, Tucson, AZ
Tue, AUG 6 - Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ
Wed, AUG 7 - House of Blues San Diego, San Diego, CA
Fri, AUG 9 - Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA
Sat, AUG 10 – Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA
Mon, AUG 26 - St Luke's, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Tue, AUG 27 - The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Wed, AUG 28 - Manchester Academy, Manchester, United Kingdom
Thu, AUG 29 – Scala, London, United Kingdom

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