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New Jersey's Mint 400 Records has been on a tear recently, so we decided to give them their own page to help share the news on these releases. (And no, they don't advertise or pay us for this.) Dive in and check them out!

Sinktapes – “Creases” (Mint 400 Records,

When I was enthusiastically handed this opus at a Mint 400 Records showcase in Brooklyn by the boss himself, Neil Sabatino, I was, admittedly, dubious. Much as I trust Neil’s musical instincts, it was difficult to imagine at the time that he was, literally, sitting on a masterpiece. Spinning this album end to end is a serious commitment – 24 tracks of indie goodness (mostly because songs are, cleverly, including in both demo and polished form.)

The four year old New Brunswick (home of the great bands!) outfit are already on release #4 and showing no signs of slowing down.

This latest release, “Creases,” opens with a cut with a rather intriguing title “Maybe Gray,” and has the listener settling in for an easy ride which actually runs by a lot quicker than expected. I was jamming and writing and halfway through track three, “Blow Me A Kiss,” before I even realized it – and my fingers were already tapping along in time.

For those familiar with Fairmont’s signature sound, this album will resonate as having a distinct Mint 400 flavor, but draws from various points of reference. This writer instantly spotted Jawbreaker and The Cure as influences (which is never not going to be awesome.) However, the band definitely brings something fresh and modern to the table as well. There is no shortage of warm guitars, for starters, and the layered vocal pattern feels kinda like being encompassed by a bubble bath.

The next time that I looked up from grooving, I was nearing the end of track six, “You Sulk When You Sleep,” and that title and refrain made me smile in remembrance of all of the times that I was an unnecessary grumpypants.

I also love that the artwork on the actual cd just says “Special Offer.” It’s both humorous in its ad-like demeanor as well as a hint that something rad might just be inside.

Regarding track nine, “We Get Canoe,” I’m not quite sure what it’s about, but fuck, is it catchy! Early favorite, right there. By track thirteen, you realize that you’re already at the end and about to hear the demo versions of the songs that you were just vibing too, and that’s pretty damn cool too.

I’m actually about to take my first trip overseas, and I normally just spin Led Zeppelin and Band of Horses the entire time, however, this album may just get added to the mix – it’s that fucking soothing. Do yourself a favor and check them out the next time they’re in town. This is killer live material. (by Deborah J. Draisin)

Sinktapes is:
Gabriel Chiarello on, well, everything
Thomas Dalzell on bass
Alex Kielmanksi on guitar
Ricky Kuczynski on guitar and vocals

MINT 400 RECORDS PRESENTS 1967 (Mint 400 Records)

When people argue the greatest year in popular music, 1967 is always a popular choice. Mint 400 Records had some of its showcase artists record versions of their favorite songs from that landmark year, with mixed results but some real delights. It's nearly impossible to cover some of the most familiar songs from that era without verging on karaoke, and sometimes artists can go too far in reinventing or reinterpreting classic rock tunes. But when it works, it can be magical, as with Fairmont's take on the Kinks' "Waterloo Sunset" or Neotare Fan Club's electro-pop version of "I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You." Jack Skuller, who debuted with a single on Bar None when he was just 13, shows that he's all grown up with a bluesy, sexy delivery of the Doors' "Love Me Two Times," and The Duke of Norfolk rummages through the history bins to unearth "The Song Of Seeonee," a song written for but deleted from Disney's animated "The Jungle Book" because it was judged "too dark." Another treat comes from The One And Nines, who unearth the Marvelettes' "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game," a largely forgotten Motown gem. I would say this album is well worth purchasing but hey, it's free! Just go to Mint 400 Records to download it! (by Jim Testa)

Young Legs – “Resolution" / "Small Truths” (Mint 400 Records)

This endearing two-song single cd is the latest handiwork of all-around artist Steven Donahue. His projects feature the assistance of Matt Olsson, Ezra Lowrey and Ashley Simon. Currently featured on the Young Legs website is the sold-out, freshman five-song EP entitled “The Fog and The Forest,” which is equally cute. If you’re not happy after listening to Young Legs’ material, something is seriously wrong with you.
Folk songs reminiscent of children’s programming are what we have here: innocent, free and intricate handclap-worthy are Young Legs’ tunes. Honestly, in a world riddled with so much angst, it’s kind of a breath of fresh air! Banjos strum and vocals whisper their way around your subconscious as you picture yourself surrounded by woods – the premise of the “Fog and Forest” EP. Man, I’m telling you, if you’re a meditative dude, or just want to be, Donahue’s jams are the way to go. You’ll at least virtually feel like you’ve left the rat race behind for a spell. (by Deborah J. Draisin)

Netorare Fan Club – “Make Believe” (Mint 400 Records)

Hackettstown trio Netorare Fan Club (consisting of Matt Nyugen, David Stefanowicz and John Todd,) are a brand spanking new unit gracing Mint 400 Records with the honor of pressing their first ever release, “Make Believe.” Clocking in anywhere from four to six minutes per song, this synth-heavy project instantly brings the listener back to the new wave heyday of the 1980’s – or at least where those bands may have gone had they survived that era. The project is shrouded in quite a bit of mystery - pretty apt for what they do. I’m not openly advocating anything, but…if you happen to enjoy smokable substances, this album is absolutely going to do it for you. Even if you don’t imbibe, however, this is a pleasant listen. With the dog days up ahead, I can’t say enough nice things about dreamy musical compositions such as this one. If your head is hurting from all of the headbanging you’ve been doing, this recording will be just the thing you need to right it again. Check it out! (by Deborah J. Draisin)

Underlined Passages – S/T (Mint 400 Records)

The Baltimore duo, Underlined Passages, takes its name from the concept of highlighting lines in a book which we find the most relevant. Hinting on the project’s bandcamp that the endeavor stems from the breakup of his band The Seldon Plan, headmaster Michael Nestor and drummer Frank Corl dish up a floaty little EP. With gracious nods to contributing musicians Chris Shelly on percussion, Erin Snedecor on cello and Jeremy Ragsdale on vocals, the album mournfully passes through loneliness and optimism.
The band’s tumblr boasts a Glitter & Stillettos quote likening them to The Beatles and Weezer – awesome company to be listed amongst indeed. This is a great album to sip a beer in the yard or prepare dinner to, but a late night listen could result in some serious ennui! The album is perfectly mixed and very easy on the ears. Worth checking out for sure. (by Deborah J. Draisin) is an independently published music fanzine covering punk, alternative, ska, techno and garage music, focusing on New Jersey and the Tri-State area. For the past 25 years, the Jersey Beat music fanzine has been the authority on the latest upcoming bands and a resource for all those interested in rock and roll.

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