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Review and photos by Rebecca Thompson

"I-is this the meat locker?" I asked a girl, 10 years my junior (at least), with dark eye makeup and stainless-steel piercings jutting from multiple facial appendages. She gave me a slow nod so I walked past her, down into the belly of what I would come to know as The Meat Locker. The name had casually crossed my ears in times past, but in all my many years in and around Montclair, I had never ventured into the pits of the underground venue.

The show was to start at 9:30. I arrived around 9:20 to a diverse crowd - a mix of teens and parents. Rockstar Racecar would start the night. The four members stood on stage, testing mics, checking sound. Then before I knew what hit me an energetic blast of sound filled the room.

I'll have to admit I had walked in skeptical, starting with the dimly-lit trek downstairs to the main stage, to the guitar-wielding teens before me, but I was pleasantly surprised. Rockstar Racecar rocks!

The talented teens (plus 11-year-old Wolverine on drums) hailing from Bloomfield boast a unique energy. Their sound draws from many punk and glam rock influences, yet they manage to maintain an identity all their own. It was an experience refreshing beyond all

Playing mostly tracks from their latest album The Real Housewives of Pyongyang garnished by some older pieces, they had my full attention. I walked in a skeptic and left a fan, knowing one thing: I will be back at the locker on 3/21 when Rockstar Racecar rocks out again.


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