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Space Trash, Vacation, Tenement & Swearin’ - Brooklyn Fireproof, 119 Ingraham St., Brooklyn - September 12, 2012

by Noah W.K.

Growing up in New York, I’ve been spoiled. Spoiled with all of the great local bands and all the great bands that make New York a marquee stop on their tour routes. Like most blessings, there is a negative effect that comes with this: Jadedness. It is impossible to go to every show in NYC, so picking your battles is key; but growing up and being able to see bands such as The Ergs! on a regular basis makes it sometimes feel that no show can ever eclipse that experience. And then, out of nowhere, a show on a Wednesday night in an art space hidden behind a coffee shop/ bar in Brooklyn gives those memories a run for their money.

The crowd outside of the venue was a hefty one, a surprisingly great turnout for a Wednesday. As per tradition the show was running late. The venue was a weird one. The front room was a bar that seemed to not only serve beer and any other alcoholic concoctions craved but also a variety of coffee, teas and breakfast items. Through a door to the far left of the bar lead you to where the bands would be playing, an open room, painted white which I suppose is used as an art space. Not your ideal room to see bands in but it’ll have to do.

The first band was called Space Trash, a local band, playing their first show. I was excited to watch their set because I really liked their band name and from hearing them play a quick set I would imagine the band name came from a Mean Jeans song title. The music was fun but a little predictable. They were loud and tight and it was a great set for their first and a great start to the night.

Next up was Vacation from Cincinnati, Ohio. If you haven’t heard this band yet do yourself a favor and pick up their self-titled album immediately. From the day I got it, it has been in steady rotation and I’m better for it. I had been looking forward to seeing them and they did not disappoint. Aesthetically they had two things going for them that I always seem to be keen on; they were a three-piece and the drummer is the lead singer. The songs have a lo-fi element to them and the choruses are so poppy and catchy that it’s hard not to get hooked. They played an energetic set that included one of my new favorite Vacation songs that was recently released on “The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore” comp called “No Mercy” as well as tons of other great tracks from their full length and numerous 7 inch records.

And now for the band that most people were there to see, Tenement from Appleton, Wisconsin. The easiest way to describe this band (which in no way does them justice) would be to say they have the poppy elements of early Green Day and the Midwestern melody of Husker Du, they are one of the biggest sounding three-piece bands I have ever heard and they are all masters of their instruments. They opened their set with “Stupid Werld” and the crowd went nuts. My one complaint about Tenement is that they are notorious for playing super short sets, which I somewhat understand because they put every bit of themselves into each beat of each song and look drained after about 7 songs, but they simply have too much great material and they crowd always wants more. So as they finished the crowd was begging for more, yelling out song titles in hopes they would continue on. The drummer seemed reluctant to keep playing but he was convinced to play one or two more, including one of my favorite songs “Earwig”. Tenement are an unstoppable force and soon enough they will get the credit that is due.

As if all this wasn’t enough, there was still one more band to top off the evening. This was Swearin’ formerly of Brooklyn but now I believe they call Philadelphia home. Swearin’ are a band that take their name from one of the best Big Soda songs and follow in the same vein of indie punk rock, however doing so with interchanging male and female vocals. They opened with my favorite song of theirs called “Here To Hear” which has a guitar riff very similar to that of Superchunk’s “Learned To Surf” and it is obvious that Superchunk is a big influence on their sound… which is a good thing. The night came to an end people seemed hesitant to leave, everyone remained outside smoking cigarettes, catching up with old friends and making new ones. No one wanted the night to be over, however all good things must come to their end.


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